We Will Rock You!

Everything will be Rock!

Corporate party for 1,100 guests.

Location – Stereo Plaza

Number of guests – 1,100 people

Format: Banquet

The culture of corporate holidays goes to a new level. More free, fun and conceptual. A vivid example is a New Year’s party for a large company in a Rock-style.

The Stereo Plaza location is ideal for a large number of people, large-scale events and unusual concepts.

Waiters and animators greeted guests with mini snacks and a glass of sparkling wine.

Photo zones with optical illusions, 360 ° rotating panoramas, custom motorcycles, guitars and balloons gave a special mood and immersed in the atmosphere of real rock.

Guests, adhering to the given dress code, fully corresponded to the concept of the event and amazed with cool, informal looks.

We chose the concept in black and white style, with a thematic decor, serving and two types of coverings.

The gastronomic mood of the evening is the signature dishes of the team of chefs La Famiglia Catering.

The menu included hearty dishes of meat, fish and delicacies, with a stylish and timely serving.

The guests were satisfied with the taste of food and the atmosphere, had fun to the fullest, as befits true rockers.

We wish you inspiration, growth and many reasons for beautiful events.

Glad to be part of happy days. You inspire us to reach a new level of hospitality.

La Famiglia Catering in Faces

We often share information on events in the style of La Famiglia Catering. Each event is a small story and our personal pride.

The holiday is the result of the work of a large number of people, a real team of professionals, inspired by their work.

Over the years, they have become experts in the field of catering.

How to choose the best catering? What you should pay attention to? And what is the ideal service?

We continue the column  – La Famiglia Catering in persons.


Interview with a service manager – Igor Sergeychuk.


Igor, how long have you been working in a company? What was your path?

I have been working in La Famiglia Catering for a year and a half. And I can say with confidence that this is the most emotional and productive time in all 12 years of work in the field of catering. The team is constantly gushing with ideas, projects and the pursuit of excellence. This is impressive.

Who is a service manager? What is your responsibility?

The duties of the service manager include the selection of staff, the compilation of a list of equipment, textiles, household goods, control of the timing of the event, the aesthetic appearance of the buffet and banquet areas, the appearance and taste of food. In general, the control of everything that can and should be controlled at the event and during preparation for it.

Therefore, do not have to get bored.

The secret to perfect catering? Your own top-3:

The first component is of course food. It should be aesthetically, tasty and give emotion.

The second point is a service that should maneuver from unobtrusive to very reverent.

Another important point is a correctly selected team, which can work as a swiss mechanism and create an atmosphere of celebration and joy for guests.

Do you have a profile in organizing events, a separate area? Which format do you like best?

Every new event for me is an opportunity to create a new restaurant. One in which everything will be harmonious, tasty, and with a smile. It is necessary to know as much as possible the wishes and people for whom you are implementing the project. This will allow you to think about everything: from a toothpick and a gorgeous bar, to the correct check lists for staff.

And only when all the nuances are taken into account, guests will be able to be satisfied with everything – the cuisine, service and atmosphere.

What was the most memorable event? Why?

The corporate event for the Dobrobut was the most memorable. It was not just a buffet or banquet. It was a whole food-festival with a non-standard presentation, hundreds of floristic and decorative solutions; an abundance of dishes that you can hardly find on the streets of Ukraine. The scale of 2200 guests also were amazing. After all, catering is a philosophy of hospitality.

For what period of time is it worth starting preparations for the event, if it’s: a wedding, a birthday, a corporate event?

In my opinion, weddings are always the most reverent holiday. After all, this is a special date in the life of the newlyweds, where the nervous goes off scale at every stage of preparation. It’s better to start preparing minimum in a month. The time for preparing a birthday and a corporate event depends on many factors, such as: the number of guests, the month in which the celebration will take place, the development of innovative solutions for serving food, etc. I always say that you need to prepare in advance, the sooner the better. Usually it is from 3 days to six months.

What qualities need to be developed in order to be successful in your profession?

It is necessary to develop in all directions, as I communicate with people of different professions and ranks. Also, a sense of taste and style. After all, I have to give the guest delicious food, a beautiful buffet line, take care of the best offer. Always be one step ahead, feel and know what the customer needs, and surprise with the same. Also, maximum concentration is often needed so that guests can enjoy the holiday in full.

If we are talking about perfect service, then what is the ideal customer? How often met such?

An ideal client is one that provides enough information to prepare an event, and at the same time feels that you understand it, your confidence. And you work in synergy.

What distinguishes La Famiglia Catering from other companies?

La Famiglia Catering differs from other companies in that we truly prepare restaurant-level food, rather than serving pre-prepared dishes. More than 70% of the menu is collected directly at the location, so that the food is really fresh, beautiful and tasty.

And of course, people are a Team, which I have never met better.

What menu items do you consider to be bestsellers?

Bresaola with goat cheese in pistachio crumbs, tender veal with sea salt, apple-shaped bird liver pate, pastrami … And the list goes on and on … 😊

Is work in catering a holiday every day?

Work in catering is an emotional boom and often a holiday. Everything else is nuances.

What do you recommend to pay attention to when choosing catering company? Is there universal algorithm?

It is necessary to analyze ratings and reviews, to study the history of the company. For example, La Famiglia Catering is the experience of La Famiglia restaurants, successful and best in Ukraine. Based on this, we can conclude about the quality of food and the level of service at the upcoming event.

Let there be more pleasant moments.

We know how to make them unforgettable!

The Charm of Winter Weddings

Winter is fabulous and magical. The time of year when cherished dreams and bold plans come true. Are you ready for the winter wedding in the style of La Famiglia Catering? Write your love story on the white paper of the 2020 season.

Wedding fashion is seasonable, more and more couples are changing their plans in favor of winter and spring. Such celebrations are becoming increasingly popular. New trends in winter ceremonies at your service.

Last season set the bar high on unusual concepts, on-site ceremonies, and a gradual departure from classical norms. Winter weddings are one of these trends.

Most often couples choose:

Each option can be revealed in different ways, depending on your vision and budget. Choose the best one and the one that matches your pair.

A wedding requires detailed and responsible preparation. But at the same time, this day will be remembered by you and the guests forever.

It is worth to ask the professionals who take care of each stage of your holiday and allow you to enjoy the wedding in full, without being distracted by the little things.

Some useful life-hacks from La Famiglia Catering. Why is it worth choosing a winter wedding:

In winter, corporate events and children’s parties are most often celebrated. That’s why, you can make a choice in favor of romantic locations. Do not limit your imagination, let your wedding be special!

Scandinavian loft – for a chamber wedding. The hall in the hotel is for a great family holiday. Country house – for a grandiose party on a grand scale.

You like open space, and weather conditions allow. We can combine everything at once. The ceremony is on the open-air, the festive part and the photo shoot are in the lobby, and dinner is in the fireplace room. A hotel, a recreation center, a country house is an ideal solution. At the end of the celebration, guests will be able to spend the night there, which will deprive you of the worries with accommodation.

The author’s menu La Famiglia Catering – is a gourmet cuisine, restaurant level.

The perfect winter continues! And love does not depend on the season and mood! La Famiglia Catering – we know about the wedding of your dreams. Address, with pleasure we will help to realize the plan.

15 ways to celebrate the New Year Eve

There is very little time left to the main night of the year.

How to celebrate the New Year Eve joyfully and unusually?

This is a magical holiday that returns us on childhood for one day.

And gives hope that the most cherished desire will come true.

That’s why it is worth preparing properly and celebrating the New Year 2020 in a special, tasty and joyful way.

What is the best place to go? And what other original ways to celebrate the New Year can you come up with?

  1. In the castle.

New Year’s Eve is always a bit fabulous and you need to celebrate it accordingly – in the castle. In an era when you can rent anything, you can easily find a suitable castle, the scope and style of which will depend on the budget and company. Masquerade of the Louis XIV in the royal chambers? Viennese Ball? Or a ceremony in the spirit of a medieval feast? A team of experienced waiters will complement the style in the images of footmens and pages. And will certainly take care of the comfort of each guest.

  1. In the cinema.

Like in the movies! Organize the night of New Year’s movies on the big screen. Classics of world cinema, the best and favorite films in the company of friends. Snacks and drinks should be taken carefully of in advance, given the tastes of most. You can start with a retro-style buffet or order catering with hot dogs or pizza stations.

  1. On the way.

Do not wait for the New Year to mentally close the time. Let him catch you. Choose your transportation method and embark on a journey called – “New 2020”. Transport can be: a plane, a cruise ship, a comfortable boat, a train compartment or a minivan. The most restless can cross the border and celebrate the New Year in two countries at once or where two cities meet. Original solutions often require innovative approaches and quick answears than budgets.

  1. At home.

It can also be unusual at home. To do this, create a special atmosphere. Invite your friends and arrange a theme party: pajama, quest, night of the table-games. Prepare a script and read by roles or come up with impromptu performances with characters from your favorite books or cartoons.

  1. On the roof.

Between earth and earth. New Year’s Eve on the roof will be memorable for everyone. A city that does not sleep and is buried in festive lights and fireworks. And you, cheerful and happy, are counting the last minutes of the outgoing year. This is definitely an unusual format. It’s unlikely that you can independently organize such a thing for a large company. But if you apply with a request to a catering agency, you will get an unforgettable holiday.

  1. In the park.

Not where, but with whom. This indicator also matters. But what if you celebrate the New Year in a city park. Winter picnic under the starry sky with delicious snacks and tea. Be prepared for the fact that your company will replenish with new acquaintances. After all, the festive atmosphere erases the verge and is conducive to communication!

  1. At the rink.

Winter has long spoiled us with snowy holidays. Do you really want this? Spend New Year’s Eve at the rink. A glass of champagne, warm mittens and the Ice Palace, like the Snow Queen Kingdom. A good mood is guaranteed to everyone. Feel free to take children and a large company.

  1. At the restaurant.

A restaurant is a great solution if you haven’t celebrated it yet. Many establishments try to surprise guests with New Year’s concepts, decorative solutions and an unusual menu. The main advantage is all inclusive. Enter the new period of your life easily and carefree. After all, as you meet, you will spend it.

  1. At the hotel.

New Year’s Eve at the hotel for two. Have a romantic date on New Year’s Eve. Book room service or join the gala dinner with all the guests. Regardless of the decision, such a format will be memorable, and who knows, it can become a great tradition.

  1. In other country.

Immerse yourself in the traditions of a new country. Spend a holiday weekend walking along the streets of Vienna, Brussels or Paris – the dream of every traveler. Each city has a very eventful program at this time: performances, street shows, fairs with street food and mulled wine. And all this is accompanied by incredible illumination, Christmas photo-zones and choral singing of New Year songs. Perfect!

  1. On the beach.

Celebrate a holiday in a country where they have not heard of snow and frost. Swimming in the sea, sunbathing, and checking the clock to raise glasses with bright cocktails, wishing each other all the best in the New Year. This type of holiday is already becoming a trend and is gathering more and more fans.

  1. In the SPA.

The SPA complex is suitable for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of holidays, work results and home celebrations at the big table. Relaxing treatments, fresh air and a lazy morning on January 1 will allow you to enter the New Year’s Eve renewed and rested.


  1. In the forest.

A house in the forest is an opportunity to break out into the countryside and enjoy the full vacation. Walking in the woods, snowballs and winter games, evening by the fireplace. New Year will not keep you waiting. Come up with interesting dishes or order delivery with minimal effort. The main thing is that everyone has enough champagne.

  1. Visit friends.

Respond to an invitation from friends, family or parents. New Year, if not cool, a special holiday, spend it with your family. This may not be the most unusual option, but definitely the New Year’s one. Selecting it, you definitely will not regret it.

  1. In the central square.

This may be your hometown or the one where you came for the weekend. It is worth trying to celebrate the New Year at the epicenter of the holiday, in the midst of cheerful, walking crowds. Stock up on smiles, sparklers and tangerines.

And no matter where you go after – to the park, to the roof, to visit or to your home, let the New Year catch you under the Christmas tree and immediately fulfill all your wishes. Not all! The most treasured and unusual!

Be healthy and happy in the New Year!

La Famiglia Catering in Faces

We often share information about events in style of the La Famiglia Catering. Each event is a small history and our personal pride.

Each event is the result of the work of a large number of people, a real team of professionals, inspired by their work.

We continue to talk about the employees in the new column La Famiglia Catering in persons.

How to create an event concept? Where to look for inspiration? What are winter weddings like?

Interview with Olga Skorokhod, Head of Design and Decor.

Hi, Olya! Tell me how long have you been working in the company? What was your path?

I have been working at La Famiglia Catering relatively recently. Everything happened by chance and I am extremely happy. There are professions that you choose, but there are those that choose you. Today I can confidently say that I am doing what I love. Work inspires me to be creative in a professional way.

What is your responsibility?

Design and decor for events hosted by La Famiglia Catering. From decorative trifles, bouquets, compositions, to the large design of the location. Regardless of scale everything is very stylish and interesting.

Each holiday or event requires an individual approach. Where to look for inspiration?

Of course it is. Only an individual approach to design guarantees us the creation of a single event concept. You need to know and understand many important factors: location, theme, style of the event. As well as the wishes of the client, his visualization, preferences and how he sees his holiday. My task is to take all this into account and combine. It is important to maintain a unified design line, taking into account zoning at a location. Everything should be harmonious, neat and stylish.

And about inspiration, it should be inside of us. If you are positively inclined to work, love what you are doing, want to create and make this world even more beautiful, then everything will certainly work out in the best way.

Are the trends in the decor of 2020 already known? Share, please?

In 2020, it is worth paying attention to details, laconic decor remains in trend. If the size of the location allows, you can use a large hanging decor. Art objects also have a place to be, because 2020 pleases us with freedom in choosing a color and its experimental mixing. Ethnic motives are also relevant. Also, important to pay attention to the options for natural décor and use of the most environmentally friendly textures.

What events do you like most? Maybe certain concepts or styles?

Designing any event is always a concept. Work in any style is interesting in its own way, the only thing is how you see or want to express it in the decor today. Flight of fancy and creative solutions can transform and create the right atmosphere.

What are the differences between decoration of wedding, birthday party, corporate events. How long does it take to prepare?

Every event, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, corporate party takes time. It all depends on the amount of work performed, no matter how rude it may sound. An idea, like a flash, can occur in a second, and its implementation takes up to several days, including the logical conclusion – the design of the location.

What qualities do you need to develop in order to be successful in your profession?

This is spatial imagination, creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity. Creative thinking outside the box will help you realize your plan. You need to remember the main features of the profession – continuous change. Therefore, you need to learn new things daily and constantly practice. There is only a moment, as they say … What’s trending today – tomorrow no one is interested.

Winter is a period of corporate events. But there is a trend for winter weddings. Why are they more interesting than summer ones? How to compensate for the lack of flowers and lush arches?

Оh! Making a wedding is always exciting, regardless of the time of year. An important holiday and here you need to create a story. Given that the holiday in winter is not only the New Year, I think you should avoid the New Year theme. Again, if this is not the desire of the customer. Or there is no order for a combination of traditional green-red colors. Winter is a fairy tale, magic, comfort. When decorating a wedding in the cold season, we choose a combination of white with different shades, as well as varying textures in decorative materials. Make a bet on decoration with decorative ice sculptures. The lack of flowers, in winter, can be replaced by spruce branches, needles, bright berries, imitation of snow cover or frost. Light decoration using crystals in the decor will be an incredible sight. All this will help turn the winter wedding into the most sincere, warm and a bit fabulous holiday! All girls dream of something similar.

What do you think distinguishes La Famiglia Catering from other companies?

La Famiglia Catering – it is a vibrant presentation, unforgettable tastes, excellent service, the embodiment of ambition. From the inside, this is even more obvious.

Tell me, is work in catering a celebration every day?

My answer will be in tune with the question. Every day celebration is our work. The efforts and work that La Famiglia Catering team puts into every event. Of course, there is a sense of celebration. Often, it comes when you are in a location and you see the result of the work done.

What do you recommend to pay attention choosing a catering company?

Choosing a catering company, I advise you to always choose La Famiglia Catering! Not very modest, but honestly.

On the eve of the winter holidays, what would you like to wish to all those for whom you created decoration this year?

I would like to wish good health, great happiness, and that in the New Year cherished wishes will be fulfilled. And to those who spent the year 2019 with La Famiglia Catering, I wish them to return to us with new occasions, celebrations and special events! Everything will be perfect!

Concepts of Winter Events

The scale and styles of corporate events are changing every year. And with them changing the request from the audience for something new and interesting.

Our short guide of popular New Year’s concepts will help you to celebrate bright, stylish and unusual.

4 main directions for New Year’s parties:

Accents: conciseness, natural materials, geometric shapes, festive decoration, original lighting options.

Feast of light and unordinary.

And along with this, the feeling that the New Year is already close.

Ideal for small companies and teams.

The color of the mood is neon! Do you like it?

Full immersion in the holiday of radiance. The case when everyone and everyone shines with happiness, and quite a bit from special LED elements.

You have not seen this before, but you are definitely ready to try it. The main plus of such party – it is designed for both large and small companies, it will be fun for everyone.

The concept of the holiday is brilliant on all fronts: decor and interior, presentation and menu, even the details of the waiters clothing will flicker.

Let’s shine in the New Year! Let there be Neon!

Accents: the naturalness of all components and dishes.

The interior and decor are simply amazing – natural shades, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, an interesting supply of wholesome and tasty food, a photo zone for stylish and fun photos. And all this with a snowy New Year mood, the author’s menu and impeccable service in style of La Famiglia Catering.

This is a completely futuristic direction for the celebration, here are cosmic motifs, gaming entertainment of virtual reality, and themed costumes.

We invite you to step into the near future with us. Unusual and very festive.

Knowing about trends and being able to present them is not the same thing. Behind each concept is a turnkey solution, detailed organization and complete control of the situation. And what is the most important, a celebration in the style of La Famiglia Catering can happen anywhere and become the way you want.

Winter is the time of miracles and fairy tales. And as if by magic, catering companies are able to fulfill their cherished desires.

Impossible is nothing when it comes to a corporate holiday for you and your colleagues.

Ordering catering you solve many problems at the same time:

And most importantly, this is confidence in quality, timeliness and professionalism at every stage of your holiday!

Stylish! Delicious! Impeccable!

Upcoming holidays! We wish you all the best!

Autumn ’19 La Famiglia Catering.

There is already December on the calendar.

And we still say goodbye to a charming autumn.

So rich, so bright and warm.

At three months, there are so many unforgettable events and special moments in style of La Famiglia Catering.

So, fall 2019 are corporate anniversaries, team buildings out of office, business meetings and coffee breaks.

90 happy days: social cocktails, HR summits, presentations and private parties.

This wedding season will be remembered by incredible love stories.

Very different, but at the same time equally sincere, gentle and unique.

Educational project “School of success” for adolescents in the framework of corporate social responsibility.

We would like to remember kid’s parties and birthdays in nature that motivate and inspire.

And also creative cooperation with the automobile brand, a series of tastings and a gastronomic master class for our customers.

Thank you for trust!

Meet the winter!

Fairytale. Festive. Magical.

Let’s celebrate together.

La Famiglia Catering – Miracles Are Already Near!

We have prepared enough of them!

Special Events of La Famiglia Catering

Location: Vino e Cucina

Duration – 3 days


Everyone knows that in wine there is truth.

And true hospitality is in La Famiglia Catering.

That is why we have combined all the best and invited customers to a series of events in 3 different formats: two tastings and one master class.

Well, not customers, guests and friends of the company.

Indeed, this is how we see those for whom we create special events and celebrations.


During a wine tasting, a professional sommelier shared the secrets of wine etiquette, talked about the compatibility of food and wine, as well as the tastes and characteristics of different varieties. Each fact was fixed in practice and not with one glass of wine. The guests learned to read wine by notes, determined the taste of “umami” and lost the common myths about the culture of wine. A pleasant company, delicious dishes and a lot of useful information from a wine expert made the evening unforgettable. Guests, like real gourmets, succumbed to the temptation of all 5 senses, enjoying a specially created menu, unusual combinations and aromas of wine, stylish serving in one of the best restaurants in Kiyv.


An experimental and practical master class from Bogdan Reminsky allowed each guest to feel like a minimum sous-chef. And take a short course of gastronomic art in the style of La Famiglia Catering, where everything is tasty, elegant and exclusive.

At the master class, the participants learned how to cook: Sous-Vide veal with caramelized elderberry sauce and stewed parsley roots and parmesan and espuma with caramelized leek and potato crumble. And for dessert – lavender mousse with gorgonzola with fresh berries and caramelized nuts.

All participants approached the process creatively and very responsibly. Step by step, following the prompts of Bogdan, they prepared complex dishes, completely surrendering to the process. Everyone tried to do everything right, quickly and accurately. And it is especially pleasant. That is why each dish turned out to be impeccable and individual. The rest of the evening, guests devoted to tasting their own dishes with a glass of wine. And some guests were so carried away by the magic of haute cuisine that they decided to try to develop this hobby more professionally.



In the season of white and black truffles, we decided to arrange an unforgettable gastronomic journey for our guests and organized a tasting in the format Food & Wine Paring. Truffle – regal, refined and fragrant gives novelty even to familiar and simple dishes. What to say about the author’s menu from our chef? The tasting, supplemented by interesting details about the secrets of catering and wine, flowed smoothly into a pleasant Italian dinner in good company.


We are grateful to the guests for their time, participation and company. You make us better and inspire to search and create new ideas, dishes, conceptions and serving types. Informal meetings over a delicious dinner and a glass of wine are an excellent occasion to spend time with benefit and perfect mood.

We are sure there should be more events in this format!

We are already planning in which way will surprise you next time!

Project Inspired by Mercedes-Benz

Location: Wish Family Space

Duration 2 days

Number of guests -12

In September under the auspices of the Mercedes-Benz brand a project took place dedicated to the presentation of a new generation of GLC and GLC Coupé crossovers. The car brand did it creatively as part of the Inspired by Mercedes-Benz project.

Five opinion leaders and professionals talked about what inspires, energizes and makes them move forward.

The brand chef of La Famiglia Catering, Bogdan Reminsky, became one of the five participants of the event.

5 elements of the modern world were presented in  categories:

Sport Andrey Khomitsky

Art Lika Spivakovska

Style Inna Grytsyk

Photo Marina Karpiy

Food Bogdan Reminsky

Especially for the project, Bogdan chose the format of an experimental-practical master class, where everyone could take part and feel like a chef for a moment.

At the master class, the participants learned how to cook delicious dishes and a light dessert: Sous-Vide veal with caramel sauce from elderberry and stewed parsley roots, parmesan espuma with caramelized leek and potato crumble and lavender mousse with gorgonzola with fresh berry and caramelized walnut.

All stages of the preparation enthralled the guests, each laid out one hundred percent, working as a team and listening to the advice of the chef.

Such ardor and inspiration were embodied in a result that exceeded the most daring gastronomic expectations.

Refined self-made dishes and a friendly conversation over a glass of wine became an interesting experience and a reward for all participants of the event. This type of active participation  inspired many to try themselves also in this direction.

We are glad to become a part of special events and share the art of catering, pleasantly surprising guests with the taste, style and service in the style of La Famiglia Catering.

We thank the organizers and participants of the project!