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500 or more guests wedding banquet – a troublesome event. It is necessary to take into account a million little things: starting from where it is generally necessary to hold a wedding and ending with the preparation of the menu and entertainment program.


We will help you organize a wedding banquet. We have a successful experience in organizing banquet celebrations attended by up to 3,000 guests.


What exactly do we offer you?


Banquet venue


First of all, we will:

     offer you several options for the venue;

     discuss with you the style of the banquet hall or outdoor area;

     develop a guest accommodation card.


This card will take into account:

    geometry of the banquet hall or outdoor area. Guest tables should be placed so that the guests, firstly, it was convenient to pass between them, and secondly, from any guest table you could clearly see both the main table with the newlyweds and the stage with invited artists performing on it;

    related and friendly connections between guests. This trifle will allow to avoid conflict situations and maintain a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere during event.

    the style of the selected wedding. The design of the room must comply with it (decorative elements of the interior, bouquets of fresh flowers on the tables, lighting design, etc.).


Menu and alcohol card design


You can limit the standard variable dishes and several types of alcohol of course. But do you want your wedding to become truly memorable for guests? So, you should be very careful about the menu.


We will help you to create a menu that will take into account the individual wishes of guests. In addition, each guest will be able to choose from several options for the first and second courses, snacks and alcohol.


The situation is similar with the alcohol card. We will offer your guests spirits, wines, tinctures and liqueurs, as well as cocktails from them, which respond in varying degrees to the style of the wedding celebration.


Professional banquet service


Banquet service for 2.5-3 thousand people can be compared with work on an intensive factory conveyor. Constant change of dishes and cutlery, refreshing drinks, fulfilling the wishes and requests of guests – all this requires: firstly, a large number of staff; secondly, a high level of professionalism of waiters, cooks and bartenders.


Not every restaurant has such a large amount of staff. If the wedding banquet is organized on an unprepared site outside the city – situation is even worse.


We will provide your wedding party with the necessary number of experienced celebration managers, quick and attentive waiters, professional bartenders who can turn the preparation of cocktails into a real show.


Organization of the entertainment program


A wedding banquet is not only the absorption of food, the use of alcohol and dancing to a phonogram.


The entertainment program is the most important element of a perfectly organized wedding banquet.


We will help you to draw up an entertainment program for guests, and if necessary we will also organize it:


     invite musicians and artists;

     organize fire show and launch of fireworks;

     arrange thematic areas for entertainment – a dance floor, karaoke, a playground, etc.


We also organize recreation areas. After all, surely, the guests get tired of both the feast and entertainment.

You can easily organize a truly perfect wedding banquet with our help.


Wedding banquet – a large-scale event, requiring huge costs. Moreover not only financial. More on it will take a lot of time and nerves to solve the mass of organizational moments.


You can easily and quickly organize a wedding banquet with a number of invited guests up to 3,000 people with our help.

Your important events become special with La Famiglia Catering, because we are ready to organize a banquet of any scale: from a small family dinner to an event for 5,000 guests. We provide premium service, spectacular presentation, the best dishes created by our chefs to suit your preferences or ready-made sets from our menu. We actively follow the trends in catering, and we guarantee stylish design, all the necessary furniture, luxury dishes, tablecloths, and decorative compositions that will complement your event.

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