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Cocktail parties – a fashionable format for weddings. Free casual communication of guests, unobtrusive music, delicious snacks and original cocktails.

Cocktail parties can be compared to a cool jazz concert, where there is a place for both the precise following of the score and bold improvisations. But an unforgettable impression of a wedding in the style of the Cocktail Party is achieved only under one important condition: it should be organized and served only by professionals.

     Professional Cocktail Wedding Party Service

Where does a truly unforgettable wedding begin? From the study of its style. Any chosen style will require not only a certain design of the room and requirements for the dress code, but also to the choice of cocktails and snacks to them.

We will develop for you a cocktail menu based on:

      1. Dominant color.

Depending on the chosen color of the wedding we are ready to offer you cocktails:

      Whites – Django, White Lady, apex whiskey, Spanish Beauty, etc.;

      Beige – White Russian, Scarface, brandy Alexander, Rattlesnake and others;

      Yellow – Daiquiri, Margarita, whiskey sour, May Tai, etc.;

      Pink – Illusion of Deception, Scarlet Sails, Rose Bugsy, Caribbean Treasure, etc.;

      Red – Pink Mojito, Strawberry Margarita, Negroni, Strawberry Daiquiri, etc.

      2. Ethnic style.

If you decide to hold your wedding in any ethnic or national style, then we will offer you:

       Spanish cocktails – Tropical sangria, Summer breeze, summer sherry cobbler, boca chika, etc.;

       French champagne-based – kir royal, French 75, bellini, secret pop, rossini, mimosa, etc.;

       Italian cocktails – martini with tonic, negroni, appletini, rosso tonic, Milano spritzer, etc.;

       English on the basis of whiskey – whiskey sour, old-fashion, Irish drunk punch, transformer, etc.

       3. Filing time.

At the beginning we will offer your guests cocktails aperitifs. In the middle of the celebration we can turn the preparation of cocktails into one of the entertainment elements. The bartender show is always spectacular, unusual and exciting. At the end of the wedding cocktail, it is appropriate to serve guests punches of varying degrees of strength.

       4. Personal preference.

The ideal wedding is always taking into account all details and nuances. Surely among the guests there will be children and people who do not drink alcohol. For them we will prepare delicious original non-alcoholic cocktails.

     Cocktail Party Snacks

The choice of snacks is determined not only by the style of the wedding, but also by the place and time of its holding.

When holding a wedding cocktail in an enclosed area, you can focus on a variety of fish and meats, as well as pay more attention to the design of snack stations using light effects.

If you decide to hold a cocktail party in the open air, then we advise you to focus on light snacks based on fresh fruit.

Snack stations will be decorated in the general style of the wedding and features snacks. Moreover, they can be both stationary and mobile.

       The perfect organization of a wedding cocktail party

When organizing a wedding party in the format of a cocktail party, we will provide it with everything you need:

       Cocktail glasses of the original form;

       Dinnerware and cutlery;

       Buffet tables and stations;

       Punch tanks.

And many others that will be required for the organization of a wedding cocktail party. And of course your party will be served by true professionals of the business – waiters, bartenders, cooks.

Your wedding will be truly perfect, unique and spectacular with our help!

Cocktails will be a nice addition to the wedding, organized in any format. But they will be the most spectacular in the format of a cocktail party. We will help you to create a cocktail card based on the style of the wedding celebration, and we will provide attendants. Thanks to us, you will have a truly spectacular wedding cocktail party.

Cocktails are very popular during presentations and social events. As far as this type of catering is concerned, we take special pride in our professional waiters whose uniform always corresponds to the event along with the highest level of service. We serve refined snacks in small portions, delicacies, desserts, and specially designed finger foods in the most unusual variations. We will develop an individual menu and select drinks to suit your event.

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