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The buffet will be an ideal format for the second day of the wedding. Light and relaxed atmosphere, casual communication between guests and newlyweds, snacks and light alcoholic cocktails. All this will allow you to lose the unpleasant consequences of a large-scale celebration of the first wedding day.

In addition, the buffet is the original form of the wedding. But it has limitations on the number of guests and their age. The optimal number of invited guests at the buffet should not exceed fifty. Otherwise, everything will become too noisy, cramped and uncomfortable.

The second limit is by age. Buffet reception implies that guests will spend most of their time on their feet. Such a pastime will be too tiring for people of age.

And that is why the buffet should be organized, firstly, for a small number of selected friends, and secondly, for people whose age does not exceed 45-50 years.

And if your wedding meets these two requirements, we will help you organize the perfect wedding buffet.

The recipe for the perfect wedding buffet

What are the ingredients of the recipe for the perfect wedding buffet?

     1. Proper organization of space.

Buffet reception requires a lot of free space. It is not necessary to choose one big hall. Not bad, if it will be 2-3 small rooms connected to each other. In this case you can organize several thematic zones – a room with snacks and drinks, an entertainment area with music and a dance floor, a recreation area where sofas and armchairs will be placed.

This rule is applicable for the organization of a buffet in open areas.

     2. Menu and alcohol card design.

As a rule, there are no traditional first and second courses at the buffets. Therefore, snacks should be light and satisfying. Strong alcohol must be present of course, but the bulk of alcoholic beverages should be wine and light cocktails.

We will create both a menu and an alcoholic card for your buffet. They will take into account the chosen style of your wedding and the individual preferences of your guests.

     3. The organization of the entertainment program.

A buffet can be compared with an open fire, where flame is the mood of the guests. If it is not maintained, then the mood will surely fade away, and the guests will become sad.

Therefore, the entertainment program should cover the entire period of the wedding buffet, starting with the first minutes.

We will not only develop a detailed entertainment program for you, but also invite musicians, DJs, artists and pyrotechnics to launch fireworks.

      4. Service staff.

Buffet can not be organized without attendants. Someone should serve guests with alcoholic beverages and refill snacks at stand-up stations.

At the same time, it is important that the waiters already have experience in serving receptions, since it differs from the experience in serving banquets.

We are ready to solve this problem. In addition, we also take care of the bartenders and chefs. Cocktails and snacks on an open fire will be a great addition to the entertainment program.

       5. Organization of a buffet table in the open air.

Organizing a buffet table in the open air will be a very interesting decision in the warm season.

In this case, we undertake the organization of a buffet:

      Its decoration with decorative ornaments and fresh flowers;

      Placement of tables, stand-up stations, sofas and benches;

      Preparation of entertainment areas;

      The design of the site lighting, which allows you to continue the buffet after sunset;

      Providing a buffet tableware, utensils and other trifles.


Buffet is a fashionable format for organizing a wedding. But it requires careful preparation, otherwise it may not be as bright as you expected.

We will help you in organizing a buffet. Wherever you organize it – in a restaurant or on the open-air playground, we will carefully prepare and think over everything. And with our help you will hold a wedding buffet in a bright and original way.

The buffet format will be suitable for various events (from presentations to parties) and will effectively complement any celebration. The buffet from La Famiglia Catering is provided in the form of exquisite finger food and favourite miniature dishes. Snacks that guests will be treated with throughout the evening can be different depending on your preferences. We are ready to offer you a wide selection of small snacks from the Chef, specially developed unique variations, exquisite delicacies, raw-bar, cheese, meat, and alcohol tastings as well as stations with pastries and desserts.


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