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Coffee break

Coffee break is a short break format (15-30 minutes). During which participants and guests can relax, have a cup of coffee, chat with colleagues. Such a tradition familiar to us, for over 80 years. Although catering in Ukraine is popular not so long ago. Of course, during this time, the format of the organization of coffee breaks has acquired classical standards.
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Almost all of us were participants in such breaks. What should the customer pay attention to and how to choose the best catering company among other?
We hope that this digest from La Famiglia Catering will be interesting and useful for you.
• Coffee-break, despite the ambiguity of the wording, provides for the supply of tea, pastries, desserts, snacks and soft drinks.
• Regardless of the number of guests, the break lasts up to 40 minutes maximum. For mass and long-term events, we recommend planning 2-3 breaks during the day.
• Another life hack – to select several locations for coffee breaks. For example, a hall and an open terrace, so that participants can switch, stretch their legs, breathe air or answer phone calls without interfering with each other.
When space is limited, and the number of participants is no more than 10, you can arrange drinks in the hall where the lecture or meeting takes place.
• When choosing catering, rely only on high-quality and fresh products.
• The menu and presentation during the organization of coffee breaks depend on the audience of participants, wishes and budget of the customer.
• The first coffee break, so-called welcome-coffee, includes hot drinks, fresh pastries, cookies and sweets.
• If the event includes more than two coffee breaks, we recommend diversifying the menu. Variants of bakery and desserts: quiche loren, bagels, croissants with sweet and savory fillings. The choice of the menu should be approached responsibly: take into account the coffee break format, time, age and gender of the guests, do not forget about the vegetarian and diet menus, and even the religion of the guests.
The presentation and organization should be convenient and mobile. Each guest should receive their drink and refreshments on time and with a smile.
• The catering company that serves the event creates a special mood. Important factors in the selection of staff are accuracy, courtesy and professionalism.
• If the event involves the presence of foreign guests, make sure that the staff is fluent in English. Catering services are delicious food, convenience and hospitality to the highest degree.
• The best catering companies provide modern catering equipment, utensils and quality service.
All these details are very important, but when ordering the services of a catering company, you should not worry. Real professionals will offer you ready-made solutions, options for a delicious menu and tell you how to optimize time and space.
La Famiglia Catering team, responsibly approaches each event, taking into account all wishes and providing the best catering in Kiev. Coffee break, although not the most important stage of the event, largely affects the customer’s reputation and the participants ’impressions of the event itself. When choosing a service, consider all catering companies in Kiev, consider the rating and customer reviews.
It is not known exactly how many crucial dialogues and useful acquaintances happened during short coffee breaks over eighty years, but there is a chance that there are many!