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15 ways to celebrate the New Year Eve

There is very little time left to the main night of the year.

How to celebrate the New Year Eve joyfully and unusually?

This is a magical holiday that returns us on childhood for one day.

And gives hope that the most cherished desire will come true.

That’s why it is worth preparing properly and celebrating the New Year 2020 in a special, tasty and joyful way.

What is the best place to go? And what other original ways to celebrate the New Year can you come up with?

  1. In the castle.

New Year’s Eve is always a bit fabulous and you need to celebrate it accordingly – in the castle. In an era when you can rent anything, you can easily find a suitable castle, the scope and style of which will depend on the budget and company. Masquerade of the Louis XIV in the royal chambers? Viennese Ball? Or a ceremony in the spirit of a medieval feast? A team of experienced waiters will complement the style in the images of footmens and pages. And will certainly take care of the comfort of each guest.

  1. In the cinema.

Like in the movies! Organize the night of New Year’s movies on the big screen. Classics of world cinema, the best and favorite films in the company of friends. Snacks and drinks should be taken carefully of in advance, given the tastes of most. You can start with a retro-style buffet or order catering with hot dogs or pizza stations.

  1. On the way.

Do not wait for the New Year to mentally close the time. Let him catch you. Choose your transportation method and embark on a journey called – “New 2020”. Transport can be: a plane, a cruise ship, a comfortable boat, a train compartment or a minivan. The most restless can cross the border and celebrate the New Year in two countries at once or where two cities meet. Original solutions often require innovative approaches and quick answears than budgets.

  1. At home.

It can also be unusual at home. To do this, create a special atmosphere. Invite your friends and arrange a theme party: pajama, quest, night of the table-games. Prepare a script and read by roles or come up with impromptu performances with characters from your favorite books or cartoons.

  1. On the roof.

Between earth and earth. New Year’s Eve on the roof will be memorable for everyone. A city that does not sleep and is buried in festive lights and fireworks. And you, cheerful and happy, are counting the last minutes of the outgoing year. This is definitely an unusual format. It’s unlikely that you can independently organize such a thing for a large company. But if you apply with a request to a catering agency, you will get an unforgettable holiday.

  1. In the park.

Not where, but with whom. This indicator also matters. But what if you celebrate the New Year in a city park. Winter picnic under the starry sky with delicious snacks and tea. Be prepared for the fact that your company will replenish with new acquaintances. After all, the festive atmosphere erases the verge and is conducive to communication!

  1. At the rink.

Winter has long spoiled us with snowy holidays. Do you really want this? Spend New Year’s Eve at the rink. A glass of champagne, warm mittens and the Ice Palace, like the Snow Queen Kingdom. A good mood is guaranteed to everyone. Feel free to take children and a large company.

  1. At the restaurant.

A restaurant is a great solution if you haven’t celebrated it yet. Many establishments try to surprise guests with New Year’s concepts, decorative solutions and an unusual menu. The main advantage is all inclusive. Enter the new period of your life easily and carefree. After all, as you meet, you will spend it.

  1. At the hotel.

New Year’s Eve at the hotel for two. Have a romantic date on New Year’s Eve. Book room service or join the gala dinner with all the guests. Regardless of the decision, such a format will be memorable, and who knows, it can become a great tradition.

  1. In other country.

Immerse yourself in the traditions of a new country. Spend a holiday weekend walking along the streets of Vienna, Brussels or Paris – the dream of every traveler. Each city has a very eventful program at this time: performances, street shows, fairs with street food and mulled wine. And all this is accompanied by incredible illumination, Christmas photo-zones and choral singing of New Year songs. Perfect!

  1. On the beach.

Celebrate a holiday in a country where they have not heard of snow and frost. Swimming in the sea, sunbathing, and checking the clock to raise glasses with bright cocktails, wishing each other all the best in the New Year. This type of holiday is already becoming a trend and is gathering more and more fans.

  1. In the SPA.

The SPA complex is suitable for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of holidays, work results and home celebrations at the big table. Relaxing treatments, fresh air and a lazy morning on January 1 will allow you to enter the New Year’s Eve renewed and rested.


  1. In the forest.

A house in the forest is an opportunity to break out into the countryside and enjoy the full vacation. Walking in the woods, snowballs and winter games, evening by the fireplace. New Year will not keep you waiting. Come up with interesting dishes or order delivery with minimal effort. The main thing is that everyone has enough champagne.

  1. Visit friends.

Respond to an invitation from friends, family or parents. New Year, if not cool, a special holiday, spend it with your family. This may not be the most unusual option, but definitely the New Year’s one. Selecting it, you definitely will not regret it.

  1. In the central square.

This may be your hometown or the one where you came for the weekend. It is worth trying to celebrate the New Year at the epicenter of the holiday, in the midst of cheerful, walking crowds. Stock up on smiles, sparklers and tangerines.

And no matter where you go after – to the park, to the roof, to visit or to your home, let the New Year catch you under the Christmas tree and immediately fulfill all your wishes. Not all! The most treasured and unusual!

Be healthy and happy in the New Year!