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Each season has its own charm, weather and mood. There is a certain cyclical nature of events in the world of catering.

In the fall, the business season begins – time for actions, new projects, conferences, official events and presentations. Each of these events has strict regulations, an integral part of which are short coffee breaks. Coffee break is a short break format (15-30 minutes). During which participants and guests can relax, have coffee, chat with colleagues. It should be said that such a tradition familiar to us has been over 80 years old. Of course, during this time, much has changed and the format of the meeting has acquired classical standards.

Almost all of us were participants in such breaks. What should customers pay attention to and how to choose the best service among many?

We hope that this La Famiglia Catering digest will be interesting and useful for you.

  • Coffee-break, despite the ambiguity of the wording, provides for the supply of tea, pastries, desserts, snacks and soft drinks.
  • Regardless of the number of guests, the break lasts up to 40 minutes maximum. For mass events that take place during the day, it is recommended to choose 2-3 breaks.
  • Another life-hack – select several locations for coffee breaks. It can be a hall and an open terrace, so that participants can breathe air or answer phone calls without interfering with each other. If the space is limited, and the number of participants is not more than 10, then you can organize a drink in the room where a lecture or discussion takes place.
  • ┬áThe menu and presentation depend on the audience of the participants, wishes and budget of the customer.

The first coffee break, the so-called welcome-coffee, includes hot drinks, fresh pastries, cookies and sweets. If the event includes more than two coffee breaks, then you should diversify the menu. Options can be different: kish-loren, bagels, croissants with sweet and salty fillings. The choice of desserts and snacks should be approached responsibly: take into account the format of the event, the time, age and gender of the guests, do not forget about the vegetarian and diet menus, and sometimes even the religion of the guests should be taken into account.