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Concepts of Winter Events

The scale and styles of corporate events are changing every year. And with them changing the request from the audience for something new and interesting.

Our short guide of popular New Year’s concepts will help you to celebrate bright, stylish and unusual.

4 main directions for New Year’s parties:

  • LOFT – the unity of location and concept. Discreet and modern format for the New Year holiday among colleagues. Corporate party in the style of the Scandinavian hygge.

Accents: conciseness, natural materials, geometric shapes, festive decoration, original lighting options.

Feast of light and unordinary.

And along with this, the feeling that the New Year is already close.

Ideal for small companies and teams.

  • NEON is perhaps the Newest New Year’s concept of corporate parties.

The color of the mood is neon! Do you like it?

Full immersion in the holiday of radiance. The case when everyone and everyone shines with happiness, and quite a bit from special LED elements.

You have not seen this before, but you are definitely ready to try it. The main plus of such party – it is designed for both large and small companies, it will be fun for everyone.

The concept of the holiday is brilliant on all fronts: decor and interior, presentation and menu, even the details of the waiters clothing will flicker.

Let’s shine in the New Year! Let there be Neon!

  • ECO – the style of conscious consumption and respect for nature has grown into a fashionable trend and has been embodied in the season of New Year’s corporate parties. The eco-friendly style has already gathered a lot of fans around itself and set the tone for theme parties.

Accents: the naturalness of all components and dishes.

The interior and decor are simply amazing – natural shades, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, an interesting supply of wholesome and tasty food, a photo zone for stylish and fun photos. And all this with a snowy New Year mood, the author’s menu and impeccable service in style of La Famiglia Catering.

  • HIGH-TECH does not lose ground and is confidently held among the popular trends of the 2020 New Year party. This style combines loft minimalism and modern neon radiance. In addition, it has its advantages.

This is a completely futuristic direction for the celebration, here are cosmic motifs, gaming entertainment of virtual reality, and themed costumes.

We invite you to step into the near future with us. Unusual and very festive.

Knowing about trends and being able to present them is not the same thing. Behind each concept is a turnkey solution, detailed organization and complete control of the situation. And what is the most important, a celebration in the style of La Famiglia Catering can happen anywhere and become the way you want.

Winter is the time of miracles and fairy tales. And as if by magic, catering companies are able to fulfill their cherished desires.

Impossible is nothing when it comes to a corporate holiday for you and your colleagues.

Ordering catering you solve many problems at the same time:

  • choice of location – we are ready to offer options based on the wishes and number of guests.
  • or realize an outdoor event not in nature, with interactive stations and dishes cooked on an open fire.
  • for each corporate party, the brand chef La Famiglia Catering develops an individual menu, taking into account the particularities of serving.
  • ready-made concepts will solve the issues of festive decor and interior. And our own rental service of furniture, decor and tableware, involves unique styles of serving and arrangement.

And most importantly, this is confidence in quality, timeliness and professionalism at every stage of your holiday!

Stylish! Delicious! Impeccable!

Upcoming holidays! We wish you all the best!