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La Famiglia Catering in Faces

We often share information about events in style of the La Famiglia Catering. Each event is a small history and our personal pride.

Each event is the result of the work of a large number of people, a real team of professionals, inspired by their work.

We continue to talk about the employees in the new column La Famiglia Catering in persons.

How to create an event concept? Where to look for inspiration? What are winter weddings like?

Interview with Olga Skorokhod, Head of Design and Decor.

Hi, Olya! Tell me how long have you been working in the company? What was your path?

I have been working at La Famiglia Catering relatively recently. Everything happened by chance and I am extremely happy. There are professions that you choose, but there are those that choose you. Today I can confidently say that I am doing what I love. Work inspires me to be creative in a professional way.

What is your responsibility?

Design and decor for events hosted by La Famiglia Catering. From decorative trifles, bouquets, compositions, to the large design of the location. Regardless of scale everything is very stylish and interesting.

Each holiday or event requires an individual approach. Where to look for inspiration?

Of course it is. Only an individual approach to design guarantees us the creation of a single event concept. You need to know and understand many important factors: location, theme, style of the event. As well as the wishes of the client, his visualization, preferences and how he sees his holiday. My task is to take all this into account and combine. It is important to maintain a unified design line, taking into account zoning at a location. Everything should be harmonious, neat and stylish.

And about inspiration, it should be inside of us. If you are positively inclined to work, love what you are doing, want to create and make this world even more beautiful, then everything will certainly work out in the best way.

Are the trends in the decor of 2020 already known? Share, please?

In 2020, it is worth paying attention to details, laconic decor remains in trend. If the size of the location allows, you can use a large hanging decor. Art objects also have a place to be, because 2020 pleases us with freedom in choosing a color and its experimental mixing. Ethnic motives are also relevant. Also, important to pay attention to the options for natural décor and use of the most environmentally friendly textures.

What events do you like most? Maybe certain concepts or styles?

Designing any event is always a concept. Work in any style is interesting in its own way, the only thing is how you see or want to express it in the decor today. Flight of fancy and creative solutions can transform and create the right atmosphere.

What are the differences between decoration of wedding, birthday party, corporate events. How long does it take to prepare?

Every event, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, corporate party takes time. It all depends on the amount of work performed, no matter how rude it may sound. An idea, like a flash, can occur in a second, and its implementation takes up to several days, including the logical conclusion – the design of the location.

What qualities do you need to develop in order to be successful in your profession?

This is spatial imagination, creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity. Creative thinking outside the box will help you realize your plan. You need to remember the main features of the profession – continuous change. Therefore, you need to learn new things daily and constantly practice. There is only a moment, as they say … What’s trending today – tomorrow no one is interested.

Winter is a period of corporate events. But there is a trend for winter weddings. Why are they more interesting than summer ones? How to compensate for the lack of flowers and lush arches?

Оh! Making a wedding is always exciting, regardless of the time of year. An important holiday and here you need to create a story. Given that the holiday in winter is not only the New Year, I think you should avoid the New Year theme. Again, if this is not the desire of the customer. Or there is no order for a combination of traditional green-red colors. Winter is a fairy tale, magic, comfort. When decorating a wedding in the cold season, we choose a combination of white with different shades, as well as varying textures in decorative materials. Make a bet on decoration with decorative ice sculptures. The lack of flowers, in winter, can be replaced by spruce branches, needles, bright berries, imitation of snow cover or frost. Light decoration using crystals in the decor will be an incredible sight. All this will help turn the winter wedding into the most sincere, warm and a bit fabulous holiday! All girls dream of something similar.

What do you think distinguishes La Famiglia Catering from other companies?

La Famiglia Catering – it is a vibrant presentation, unforgettable tastes, excellent service, the embodiment of ambition. From the inside, this is even more obvious.

Tell me, is work in catering a celebration every day?

My answer will be in tune with the question. Every day celebration is our work. The efforts and work that La Famiglia Catering team puts into every event. Of course, there is a sense of celebration. Often, it comes when you are in a location and you see the result of the work done.

What do you recommend to pay attention choosing a catering company?

Choosing a catering company, I advise you to always choose La Famiglia Catering! Not very modest, but honestly.

On the eve of the winter holidays, what would you like to wish to all those for whom you created decoration this year?

I would like to wish good health, great happiness, and that in the New Year cherished wishes will be fulfilled. And to those who spent the year 2019 with La Famiglia Catering, I wish them to return to us with new occasions, celebrations and special events! Everything will be perfect!