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La Famiglia Catering in Faces

We often share information on events in the style of La Famiglia Catering. Each event is a small story and our personal pride.

The holiday is the result of the work of a large number of people, a real team of professionals, inspired by their work.

Over the years, they have become experts in the field of catering.

How to choose the best catering? What you should pay attention to? And what is the ideal service?

We continue the column  – La Famiglia Catering in persons.


Interview with a service manager – Igor Sergeychuk.


Igor, how long have you been working in a company? What was your path?

I have been working in La Famiglia Catering for a year and a half. And I can say with confidence that this is the most emotional and productive time in all 12 years of work in the field of catering. The team is constantly gushing with ideas, projects and the pursuit of excellence. This is impressive.

Who is a service manager? What is your responsibility?

The duties of the service manager include the selection of staff, the compilation of a list of equipment, textiles, household goods, control of the timing of the event, the aesthetic appearance of the buffet and banquet areas, the appearance and taste of food. In general, the control of everything that can and should be controlled at the event and during preparation for it.

Therefore, do not have to get bored.

The secret to perfect catering? Your own top-3:

The first component is of course food. It should be aesthetically, tasty and give emotion.

The second point is a service that should maneuver from unobtrusive to very reverent.

Another important point is a correctly selected team, which can work as a swiss mechanism and create an atmosphere of celebration and joy for guests.

Do you have a profile in organizing events, a separate area? Which format do you like best?

Every new event for me is an opportunity to create a new restaurant. One in which everything will be harmonious, tasty, and with a smile. It is necessary to know as much as possible the wishes and people for whom you are implementing the project. This will allow you to think about everything: from a toothpick and a gorgeous bar, to the correct check lists for staff.

And only when all the nuances are taken into account, guests will be able to be satisfied with everything – the cuisine, service and atmosphere.

What was the most memorable event? Why?

The corporate event for the Dobrobut was the most memorable. It was not just a buffet or banquet. It was a whole food-festival with a non-standard presentation, hundreds of floristic and decorative solutions; an abundance of dishes that you can hardly find on the streets of Ukraine. The scale of 2200 guests also were amazing. After all, catering is a philosophy of hospitality.

For what period of time is it worth starting preparations for the event, if it’s: a wedding, a birthday, a corporate event?

In my opinion, weddings are always the most reverent holiday. After all, this is a special date in the life of the newlyweds, where the nervous goes off scale at every stage of preparation. It’s better to start preparing minimum in a month. The time for preparing a birthday and a corporate event depends on many factors, such as: the number of guests, the month in which the celebration will take place, the development of innovative solutions for serving food, etc. I always say that you need to prepare in advance, the sooner the better. Usually it is from 3 days to six months.

What qualities need to be developed in order to be successful in your profession?

It is necessary to develop in all directions, as I communicate with people of different professions and ranks. Also, a sense of taste and style. After all, I have to give the guest delicious food, a beautiful buffet line, take care of the best offer. Always be one step ahead, feel and know what the customer needs, and surprise with the same. Also, maximum concentration is often needed so that guests can enjoy the holiday in full.

If we are talking about perfect service, then what is the ideal customer? How often met such?

An ideal client is one that provides enough information to prepare an event, and at the same time feels that you understand it, your confidence. And you work in synergy.

What distinguishes La Famiglia Catering from other companies?

La Famiglia Catering differs from other companies in that we truly prepare restaurant-level food, rather than serving pre-prepared dishes. More than 70% of the menu is collected directly at the location, so that the food is really fresh, beautiful and tasty.

And of course, people are a Team, which I have never met better.

What menu items do you consider to be bestsellers?

Bresaola with goat cheese in pistachio crumbs, tender veal with sea salt, apple-shaped bird liver pate, pastrami … And the list goes on and on … 😊

Is work in catering a holiday every day?

Work in catering is an emotional boom and often a holiday. Everything else is nuances.

What do you recommend to pay attention to when choosing catering company? Is there universal algorithm?

It is necessary to analyze ratings and reviews, to study the history of the company. For example, La Famiglia Catering is the experience of La Famiglia restaurants, successful and best in Ukraine. Based on this, we can conclude about the quality of food and the level of service at the upcoming event.

Let there be more pleasant moments.

We know how to make them unforgettable!