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La Famiglia Catering in Faces

We often share information about events in the style of La Famiglia Catering. Each event is a small history  and our personal pride.

Each event is the result of the work of a large number of people, a real team of professionals inspired by their work.

Over the years, they have become experts in their field.

How to choose the best catering? What you should pay attention to? And what is the ideal service?

Introducing the new column – La Famiglia Catering in faces of those who create beautiful and memorable celebrations.


Interview with the Private Client & Wedding Market Manager – Alena Sivak.

La Famiglia Catering in Faces


How long have you been working in a company?

I have been working at La Famiglia Catering for almost 2 years.

Discover the secret of the perfect catering. Top-3?

Team, professional team, like-minded team.

A professional team of specialists in their field is the key to success.

Do you have a profile in organizing events, a separate area? Which holiday format do you like best?

I am a wedding manager.

But in fact, I hold events of various formats – conferences, corporate parties, birthdays.

Each event has its own characteristics and specifics, so they are different in themselves and interesting in their own way.

But for us they are united by one task – so that all guests are satisfied! 🙂

What was the most memorable event? Why?

Those events that have non-standard wishes on the menu and some mega creative tasks are remembered.

For example, to develop a menu for a new perfume fragrance or for the theme of the film, as the idea or plot of the film underlies the concept of the event.

Such a problem with an asterisk. But when you see that everything turned out, that the customer was delighted and appreciated your work – it is very inspiring.

For what period of time should start preparing a wedding, birthday and corporate event?

I can say from experience that preparations for a wedding usually begin six months before the date of the celebration. And some couples start in a year. Since you cannot have time to book your favorite location, host, etc. I want to note that wedding catering is often booked in 2-3 months. Although there are exceptions. For example, last year, we had two brides who booked catering in a week before the wedding. And everyone managed, and all the guests were happy.

Birthday is usually planned in a month before the celebration.

As for corporate events, especially for companies with a large number of employees, it’s better to book in advance for 5-6 months. There are not so many locations for a large number of guests, and the dates on which companies want to hold corporate events very often coincide.

Of course, if you are planning any of these events, I would recommend contacting catering in advance and not putting it off for later. Since in order to coordinate the menu, conduct a tasting, coordinate the serving and all the details of the event, it takes time.

And if we talk about the trends, then the Ideal Wedding 2020 is …

In fact, I believe that for every bride, an ideal wedding is not so much in keeping with the trends, namely the one she dreams of since childhood. As for me, with the help of trends you can only complement or emphasize your dream. Trends change every year, and a realized dream will always delight you when you remember the wedding. And this is the main point!

But still, if we talk about trends in the wedding menu. Here we can note the transition from a traditional feast to more interesting serving dishes. For example, food stations with Italian delicacies, cheese stations, ice cream stations or with seafood. Newlyweds more and more want to not only tasty feed, but also pleasantly surprise guests.

Indeed, with the help of dishes and beautiful serving, you can once again emphasize the concept of the event.

I also want to note that we are now observing very frequent requests for healthy-food. More and more guests among those present at the wedding are vegans, vegetarians, those who avoid gluten and lactose. We also take this into account, and we have a specially designed menu for guests with exclusive wishes. Even gluten-free and lactose-free cakes. By the way, very tasty! 🙂

What is the beauty of catering when organizing a wedding? And what concepts do you like: chamber or large-scale, urban or open-air, classic or break patterns?

As for me, catering is always more than a restaurant. The restaurant has a limited selection of dishes, furniture, dishes and textiles. Catering in this regard is a universal solution.

For example, we have in the menu more than 3 thousand items of dishes, a large assortment of textiles and tableware for serving. And there is everything to offer the bride for the wedding from a party to an exquisite French banquet. Servings from eco-style to neon design.

Also, a restaurant is always a certain location with an already existing interior.

But with the help of catering, you can close the question of the kitchen if you have a wedding on the roof, in a museum, in the garden or on the banks of the Dnieper.

Most of all I like chamber family weddings, as they have that warm atmosphere.

If we are talking about perfect service, then what is the ideal customer? How often have you met such?

For me, the ideal client is the one who says: “Alena, I trust you and know that you will do everything right.”

After all, it is very important when you order catering or apply for services to another service provider, to be sure that he will do everything at the highest level, since he knows you, your requirements and wishes.

What should I look for when choosing a catering company?

First of all, I would recommend paying attention to:

– reviews about the company (check with friends who previously worked with this company or get acquainted with reviews on social networks),

– the company’s position in the catering services market (it is always pleasant to work with professionals),

– portfolio (what events did the catering company carry out),

– about the possibilities of catering, what range of catering services you can provide (does catering have its own permanent staff, equipment, material and technical base, etc..)

What distinguishes La Famiglia Catering from other companies?

I can confidently say that La Famiglia Catering is a market leader in catering services. Our experience is based on the experience of 12 restaurants. We, in turn, provide our guests with: