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La Famiglia Catering in faces

We often share information about events in the style of La Famiglia Catering. Each event is a small history  and our personal pride.

Each event is the result of the work of a large number of people, a real team of professionals inspired by their work.

Over the years, they have become experts in their field.

How to choose the best catering? What you should pay attention to? And what is the ideal service?

Introducing the new column – La Famiglia Catering in faces of those who create beautiful and memorable celebrations.


Interview with the head of the sales department – Evgen Tsyganov.


Zhenya, how long have you been working in a company? What was your path?

I have been working at La Famiglia Catering for two and a half years. During this time, I saw all the stages formation of the company. The process of transforming La Famiglia Catering from a newcomer to a company that does not need to be introduced on the market.


Tell me what is in your responsibilities?

In my understanding, the sales department is the “engine” of any company. My task is to maintain the harmonious and most efficient operation of this complex mechanism. And also do everything for its smooth functioning.

Can you tell the secret of perfect catering? Top-3 components?

For me, the perfect catering is delicious and high-quality food, a high level of service and a good location.

But I would add another secret – an interesting concept.

Do you have the most memorable event? Why?

Most of all I like and remember projects for which you need to develop creative ideas and menus for a predetermined concept. This, on the one hand, is more complicated, but such projects are usually significant and are remembered for a long time.

Share helpful tips. For what period of time is it worth starting preparations for the holiday, if it is: a wedding, a birthday, a corporate event?

Of course, we ask our clients to plan events and give requests in advance.  This allows us to better plan and prepare an offer, and later an event, but this is an ideal picture J. Usually an offer needs to be prepared urgently. At peak dates I would advise starting preparations in advance, sometimes six months earlier. The rest of the time is from 1 to 3 weeks (regarding catering), depending on the complexity of the project.

What qualities do you need to develop in order to be successful in your profession?

As in any profession, in my opinion, to be successful, you need to love your job and be passionate about the deal you are doing. In the profession associated with catering, you need to love food and everything related to it. It is also important to be interested in global trends, fashion trends and, most importantly, create your own unique product on the market.

If we are talking about perfect service, then what is the ideal customer? Often met such?

We consider all customers as unique and value them very much. The task of our company, and the sales department in particular, to find a special approach to all customers. Those who work with La Famiglia Catering appreciate this, so the cooperation is perfect.

What do you recommend to pay attention to when choosing a catering company? Is there a universal algorithm?

I would advise to pay attention to the social networks of the company, request feedback from customers who have already used catering services. But the most productive way to make sure of the quality of services, in my opinion, is tasting the menu. At the tasting, you can appreciate the taste of dishes, the visual component and the level of service, and if necessary, adjust everything to your event and its features.

La Famiglia Catering, for large events, conducts a tasting absolutely free.

Let there be more pleasant moments.

We know how to make them unforgettable!