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Presentation KАМАNА Parfume Store

Location – Showroom Kamana Perfume Store

Type – Buffet table

Number of guests – 30

Feast of sensuality and femininity.


October 16 special event for KAMANA Parfume Store was held for the members of the club “Successful Ukrainian Women of Ukraine”.

In the format of the meeting, brand founder olfactory expert Kristina Kurganskaya shared with her guests professional secrets and features of creating a perfume wardrobe.

The theoretical part was followed by an introduction of selected fragrances of niche perfumes from Ramon Monegal and Paul Emilien.

Perfume notes like musical affect the mood, help to relax or on the contrary activate and invigorate. Fragrances complement the image and it is important which one you choose – for a business meeting, a romantic dinner, going to the cinema or social events.

There is special tonal vocabulary exist in the sphere of haute cuisine. Especially for each holiday, event or significant occasion the La Famiglia Catering team develops an individual menu and table setting, taking into account the type, style and atmosphere of the event.

Following this principle, the gastronomic mood of the evening was set by gourmet finger-food appetizers. Prosciutto Di Parma with fresh pear, grapes in goat cheese and pistachios – the perfect combination of taste and serving.

The final stage of the evening was a wine tasting. The guests learned the philosophy of wine taste and the secrets of good wine. Then, in practice, determining which wine, like perfume, is better combined with a particular event and dish. Moreover, we learned to listen to aromas, guessing notes and mood of each grade.

The guests enjoyed the evening, succumbing to the temptation of all the senses: smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste.

Such events leave an aftertaste of beauty and only pleasant memories. We are pleased to be part of the special events of KAMANA Parfume Store. Great thanks for your cooperation and the sea of pleasant and fragrant emotions. You inspire sensually and very elegantly. We wish you success!