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Project Inspired by Mercedes-Benz

Location: Wish Family Space

Duration 2 days

Number of guests -12

In September under the auspices of the Mercedes-Benz brand a project took place dedicated to the presentation of a new generation of GLC and GLC Coupé crossovers. The car brand did it creatively as part of the Inspired by Mercedes-Benz project.

Five opinion leaders and professionals talked about what inspires, energizes and makes them move forward.

The brand chef of La Famiglia Catering, Bogdan Reminsky, became one of the five participants of the event.

5 elements of the modern world were presented in  categories:

Sport Andrey Khomitsky

Art Lika Spivakovska

Style Inna Grytsyk

Photo Marina Karpiy

Food Bogdan Reminsky

Especially for the project, Bogdan chose the format of an experimental-practical master class, where everyone could take part and feel like a chef for a moment.

At the master class, the participants learned how to cook delicious dishes and a light dessert: Sous-Vide veal with caramel sauce from elderberry and stewed parsley roots, parmesan espuma with caramelized leek and potato crumble and lavender mousse with gorgonzola with fresh berry and caramelized walnut.

All stages of the preparation enthralled the guests, each laid out one hundred percent, working as a team and listening to the advice of the chef.

Such ardor and inspiration were embodied in a result that exceeded the most daring gastronomic expectations.

Refined self-made dishes and a friendly conversation over a glass of wine became an interesting experience and a reward for all participants of the event. This type of active participation  inspired many to try themselves also in this direction.

We are glad to become a part of special events and share the art of catering, pleasantly surprising guests with the taste, style and service in the style of La Famiglia Catering.

We thank the organizers and participants of the project!