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Special Events of La Famiglia Catering

Location: Vino e Cucina

Duration – 3 days


Everyone knows that in wine there is truth.

And true hospitality is in La Famiglia Catering.

That is why we have combined all the best and invited customers to a series of events in 3 different formats: two tastings and one master class.

Well, not customers, guests and friends of the company.

Indeed, this is how we see those for whom we create special events and celebrations.


During a wine tasting, a professional sommelier shared the secrets of wine etiquette, talked about the compatibility of food and wine, as well as the tastes and characteristics of different varieties. Each fact was fixed in practice and not with one glass of wine. The guests learned to read wine by notes, determined the taste of “umami” and lost the common myths about the culture of wine. A pleasant company, delicious dishes and a lot of useful information from a wine expert made the evening unforgettable. Guests, like real gourmets, succumbed to the temptation of all 5 senses, enjoying a specially created menu, unusual combinations and aromas of wine, stylish serving in one of the best restaurants in Kiyv.


An experimental and practical master class from Bogdan Reminsky allowed each guest to feel like a minimum sous-chef. And take a short course of gastronomic art in the style of La Famiglia Catering, where everything is tasty, elegant and exclusive.

At the master class, the participants learned how to cook: Sous-Vide veal with caramelized elderberry sauce and stewed parsley roots and parmesan and espuma with caramelized leek and potato crumble. And for dessert – lavender mousse with gorgonzola with fresh berries and caramelized nuts.

All participants approached the process creatively and very responsibly. Step by step, following the prompts of Bogdan, they prepared complex dishes, completely surrendering to the process. Everyone tried to do everything right, quickly and accurately. And it is especially pleasant. That is why each dish turned out to be impeccable and individual. The rest of the evening, guests devoted to tasting their own dishes with a glass of wine. And some guests were so carried away by the magic of haute cuisine that they decided to try to develop this hobby more professionally.



In the season of white and black truffles, we decided to arrange an unforgettable gastronomic journey for our guests and organized a tasting in the format Food & Wine Paring. Truffle – regal, refined and fragrant gives novelty even to familiar and simple dishes. What to say about the author’s menu from our chef? The tasting, supplemented by interesting details about the secrets of catering and wine, flowed smoothly into a pleasant Italian dinner in good company.


We are grateful to the guests for their time, participation and company. You make us better and inspire to search and create new ideas, dishes, conceptions and serving types. Informal meetings over a delicious dinner and a glass of wine are an excellent occasion to spend time with benefit and perfect mood.

We are sure there should be more events in this format!

We are already planning in which way will surprise you next time!