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The Charm of Winter Weddings

Winter is fabulous and magical. The time of year when cherished dreams and bold plans come true. Are you ready for the winter wedding in the style of La Famiglia Catering? Write your love story on the white paper of the 2020 season.

Wedding fashion is seasonable, more and more couples are changing their plans in favor of winter and spring. Such celebrations are becoming increasingly popular. New trends in winter ceremonies at your service.

Last season set the bar high on unusual concepts, on-site ceremonies, and a gradual departure from classical norms. Winter weddings are one of these trends.

Most often couples choose:

  • Ideal White Wedding – white-color celebration;
  • Christmas Mood Wedding in traditional colors of red, green and gold;
  • An elegant wedding in the ECO style – the naturalness of all elements and materials.

Each option can be revealed in different ways, depending on your vision and budget. Choose the best one and the one that matches your pair.

A wedding requires detailed and responsible preparation. But at the same time, this day will be remembered by you and the guests forever.

It is worth to ask the professionals who take care of each stage of your holiday and allow you to enjoy the wedding in full, without being distracted by the little things.

Some useful life-hacks from La Famiglia Catering. Why is it worth choosing a winter wedding:

  • Location.

In winter, corporate events and children’s parties are most often celebrated. That’s why, you can make a choice in favor of romantic locations. Do not limit your imagination, let your wedding be special!

Scandinavian loft – for a chamber wedding. The hall in the hotel is for a great family holiday. Country house – for a grandiose party on a grand scale.

You like open space, and weather conditions allow. We can combine everything at once. The ceremony is on the open-air, the festive part and the photo shoot are in the lobby, and dinner is in the fireplace room. A hotel, a recreation center, a country house is an ideal solution. At the end of the celebration, guests will be able to spend the night there, which will deprive you of the worries with accommodation.

  • The menu of the winter holiday includes hearty dishes, bright snacks and themed interactive stations. Must-have positions – meat, fish, warm salads. Take care of the preferences of the guests, pay special attention to the vegetarian and children’s menu.

The author’s menu La Famiglia Catering – is a gourmet cuisine, restaurant level.

  • The beauty of a winter wedding is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a decorator. Lighting options – daylight through panoramic windows, and in the evening – a fireplace, candlelight, pendant lights, garlands. Mirror decor, transparent dishes, creative lighting and candles – a stylish transformation of floral motifs.
  • Colors: all shades of white, silver, gold, pastel colors, warm shades of wood, red, green, cold shades of gray and blue.
  • Decor elements are white, transparent, natural: ice sculptures, porcelain, glass structures, marble, glass, linen, wood and metal.
  • The lack of flowers, in winter, can be replaced by fir branches, needles, bright berries, imitation of snow or frost. Decoration using crystals, special light and candles will be an incredible sight. Gracefully and tenderly about love.
  • Another unobvious bonus of a winter wedding is romantic photo shoots in the lap of nature (snowy fields, ice lakes or forest landscape).
  • Cake at a winter wedding – a prerequisite and a sweet triumph of the evening. Confectionery technology does not stand still. Get ready for a sweet and beautiful dessert. Style and presentation should be in harmony with the holiday as a whole.

The perfect winter continues! And love does not depend on the season and mood! La Famiglia Catering – we know about the wedding of your dreams. Address, with pleasure we will help to realize the plan.