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We Will Rock You!

Everything will be Rock!

Corporate party for 1,100 guests.

Location – Stereo Plaza

Number of guests – 1,100 people

Format: Banquet

The culture of corporate holidays goes to a new level. More free, fun and conceptual. A vivid example is a New Year’s party for a large company in a Rock-style.

The Stereo Plaza location is ideal for a large number of people, large-scale events and unusual concepts.

Waiters and animators greeted guests with mini snacks and a glass of sparkling wine.

Photo zones with optical illusions, 360 ° rotating panoramas, custom motorcycles, guitars and balloons gave a special mood and immersed in the atmosphere of real rock.

Guests, adhering to the given dress code, fully corresponded to the concept of the event and amazed with cool, informal looks.

We chose the concept in black and white style, with a thematic decor, serving and two types of coverings.

The gastronomic mood of the evening is the signature dishes of the team of chefs La Famiglia Catering.

The menu included hearty dishes of meat, fish and delicacies, with a stylish and timely serving.

  • Pork medallions on a pillow of vegetables and Dor Blue cheese
  • Salmon fillet baked with herbs and lemon
  • Pate from the liver of a bird in a round cherry glaze
  • Vegetable Crudite with cheese sauce

The guests were satisfied with the taste of food and the atmosphere, had fun to the fullest, as befits true rockers.

We wish you inspiration, growth and many reasons for beautiful events.

Glad to be part of happy days. You inspire us to reach a new level of hospitality.