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Winter corporate parties. What? Where? When?

The seasons and their alternate changes affect the theme of events, styles and venue.

Summer is the time for weddings, out of town Birthday рarties, team building and family outings.

Autumn is a business season, a time for conferences, meetings, lectures and educational events. But experienced HR managers have been preparing for the hot season of winter corporate parties since mid-October. The organization of a good holiday requires a long and advance preparation. Starting with the request: “where to spend a corporate party for the New Year?” to the approval of the menu and decor a lot of time passes.

Therefore, sooner you begin to search and plan, then better, more interesting and easier the corporate holiday will be.

Where to start preparing?

  1. Choice of concept. Choosing a program and theme of event, you will understand the main task (to entertain, thank, praise, take stock of the year) and the goal (to entertain, introduce, improve communication within the team, increase employee loyalty).

Each company has its own cultural code, which determines the traditional format of the event and the venue: office, restaurant, suburban complex. New Year’s corporate party is a large-scale event for all employees, therefore, even starting from the interests of the majority make sure that the classic program includes a new type of entertainment, design or creative script for the New Year’s corporate party. It is important to surprise colleagues, engage them in communication and let them relax and have fun.

  1. Budget planning. The main pricing articles for organizing the New Year’s holiday are location, menus and catering. The number of guests at a corporate holiday determines the total cost of funds.

It is clear that a corporate party for 500 guests will be more expensive and require a larger number of staff, dishes, decorative and technical solutions (photo-zones, entertainment, competitions, presenter or animators).

  1. The choice of a catering company and functionality.

In the process of choosing catering it is extremely important to pay attention to the company’s reputation in the professional field, the correspondence of their capabilities and your needs and what a particular company offers (only food delivery, concept development, staff, location, entertainment).

A detailed study of the proposals will allow you to choose the best option for you and spend the holiday at a high level.

Why you should work with La Famiglia Catering:

Based on the experience and professionalism of the La Famiglia restaurants our catering company maintains high standards of service.

What we offer:

  • ready-made event concepts,
  • restaurant level equipment,
  • high quality products,
  • exquisite menu,
  • premium service and leading chefs,
  • service from a team of professional waiters,
  • an extensive selection of furniture and utensils.


Our resources will make it possible to realize complex ideas and create memorable holidays.

Winter is the time for magic and New Year corporate parties in the style of La Famiglia Catering. See for yourself!