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Corporate events

A person spends a third of his life at work.
In the circle of the same people, employees, subordinates and managers.
In order not to lose motivation and interest, you need to change the environment and type of interaction.
Corporate holidays or simply corporate parties - this is a universal solution for leisure and recreation for companies and organizations. Corporate culture is constantly evolving and traditional corporate holidays are changing with it. In fashion are beautiful events that allow the team to communicate, develop and have fun with colleagues and leaders.
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It’s no secret that corporate events have a huge impact on productivity and the atmosphere within the team.

Corporate events are of various types and differ in goals:

  • Team building
  • Corporate parties for companies
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Formal meetings
  • Events for embassies

Formal corporate events vary in style, presentation, menu, and timing.

Unofficial corporate events – complete freedom of choice, fun and options for translating creative and fun ideas, from the menu to the location.

But the main task of each event is bright emotions, communication and new skills. Corporate parties involve employees in company affairs, promote communication and motivate to strive for more.

The La Famiglia Catering catering service team knows how to conduct a corporate event, taking into account all the nuances and wishes.

After all, a corporate party can be carried out anywhere and as far as possible from office walls, desktops and computer screens. A trip to the countryside, an original concept in the open air, a picnic or wine tasting, BBQ or Cocktail-party – and we already like any of your wishes.

Because we strive to set trends and develop a gastronomic culture of catering in Kiev and Ukraine.

La Famiglia Catering is:

– ready-made menu from the brand chef of the company for 3,000 dishes

– selection of a place or location for your holiday, taking into account the number of guests and your ideas

– our ideas in creative concepts with examples and options

– compliance with the corporate code of the company or organization

– an individual approach to decoration and design

– special attention to the quality and freshness of products (only the best and all the freshest)

– rental of furniture and utensils, including bars and equipment

– closed events, privacy conditions

– bright and catchy wow effects for guests

– stylish serving of food and drinks

– a team of the best waiters with experience and knowledge of English

– the desire and opportunity to exceed the expectations of the customer and guest.


When choosing catering, pay attention to the taste and presentation of food, check out the portfolio on the website, analyze the brand’s reviews and pages on social networks. Each catering company has advantages, strengths and thematic features.


Bright, fun and tasty holidays for you and your colleagues will become a bright page in the history of your company.

We wish you wonderful occasions and unforgettable emotions.