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Business events

Business events – conferences, trainings, reception of partners – require careful preparation, including in terms of catering. The quality of the guest service during breakfasts, lunches and dinners will depend on the company’s reputation.

Of course, you can rely on a restaurant at the hotel. And in most cases this will solve the problem with serving guests of the event. But there are special situations, and to resolve them you will definitely need our help.

Unusual formats of business events

There are several options for holding business events when you need catering services:

    1. Secret location of the event.

Its essence is simple: until the last moment, all participants in the event do not know where it will be held. Only one thing is known – it will not be a hotel where guests stay, and not a trendy restaurant.

So, you should take care of the guests’ food. And this is our task. In order not to waste time on trips to a restaurant, which, by the way, can destroy the atmosphere of communication created by the coaches, we will organize a catering center next to the training area.

Moreover, the quality of food and service in no way will be inferior to the quality of first-class restaurants. If location permits, tables with tablecloths will be set, and the waiters will serve the guests.

    2. Multisensory mix.

The essence of this event is the transfer of useful information through all possible means of perception – sight, hearing and even smell. Why not try some more flavor?

Multisensory mix implies a rather informal atmosphere of communication. So, to serve the participants of this business event, you can use the same methods as when serving cocktail parties and buffets.

The stand-up stations located in inconspicuous corners will allow participants of the training or meeting to have a quick and tasty snack, without interrupting their participation in the event.

    3. Open Space.

The format of a large-scale event which consists of more than 500 participants. So many people in the restaurant can not feed. You will need to organize a full-fledged food item.

We will easily cope with this task. We have experience in serving banquets for 3,000 guests, experience in organizing turnkey weddings in open air. Depending on the specifics of the venue of this event, we will either create a mobile kitchen or arrange the delivery of hot meals and drinks in the required quantity.

Assistance in organizing traditional business events

We also organize professional assistance in organizing traditional business events:

    1. Exhibitions, business receptions and presentations. Serving these business events is similar to serving social events. We will provide waiters who will unobtrusively give guests cool drinks.  If necessary, we will install small stand-up stations with snacks.

    2. Business events for the press – press conferences and lunches. Drinks and snacks offered during or after these events will provide additional tools to increase loyalty among journalists and the media.

    3. The press tour is a large-scale event for journalists who are introduced to the production facilities of the enterprise. At its core, this event is time-consuming, and therefore a full meal should be organized for journalists.

Catering for business events – trainings, business meetings, exhibitions, presentations, press conferences. With our help, guests and participants of the event will be well fed and watered up on time. We have experience servicing events of up to 3,000 people. We are ready to organize from scratch a full-fledged food item or delivery of hot dishes in the required quantity.

The largest companies have already entrusted us with the support of their business events, including conferences, presentations, and meetings. We offer various snack and beverage stations for any number of guests. Support of the event may be organized in the form of buffets and cocktails. But remember, if you choose us, no matter what happens at your business event, the participants will still primarily remember the tastes and the service of La Famiglia Catering.

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