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Catering for children

Children’s celebration catering – organizing birthday party in cafe, in entertainment center or even in park according to specially designed scenario. For these purposes, we will prepare special dishes and drinks, provide all the necessary accessories, as well as invite animators and artists who will entertain the children.

Varieties of children’s celebration catering

What are the options for children’s parties we offer?

    1. Gala Dinner.

We will turn an ordinary dinner into a chic party.

What is required for this?

      Rent a cafe, pizzeria or restaurant. At the venue of the celebration is only important living space. It is important that there is a space not only for placing tables, but also for games, contests and entertainment;

      Decoration of the room will depend on the wishes of your child. After all, he/she will become the main character of this event;

      The development of the menu and entertainment program.

    2. Banquet.

Format of this event is best arranged for the whole class or even the whole parallel classes. For example, in honor of the successful completion of the school year.

In this case, you should rent a real banquet room, create a menu with a change of several dishes.  And, of course, do not forget about the entertainment program.

    3. Culinary master class.

What can be tastier than food cooked with your own hands? For these purposes, we will invite a real chef, under whose leadership your child will cook his first culinary masterpiece.

And for these purposes it is not necessary to rent a cafe or restaurant. If the weather permits, it is better to transfer this event out of town – to the nature. Everything what is necessary for the culinary master class, we will deliver directly to the place of celebration.

    4. Bar catering.

It can be ordered as the basis of a children’s celebration, and as a pleasant addition. We offer a wide range of refreshing cocktails for children based on fresh fruit.

Bar catering will be especially appropriate if you have organized games and outdoor competitions for your child’s birthday. Tasty, refreshing, brightly decorated cocktails will not only give strength to the child, but also lift his spirits.

A real delight will be caused to kid by a real barman who will prepare cocktails specially for him/her.

    5. Buffet.

This holiday format is best suited for teenagers. This event is also best held in an open area. Moreover, it is best to divide it into two zones – stand-up and dance.

We are ready to issue these two zones at once. In the first we will establish stand-up stations with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. In the second we will install the music equipment with speakers and lights.

Features of the children’s events

Children’s dinners, banquets, buffets have their own characteristics:

      The portions should be quite small, otherwise children will quickly fill up, and they simply will not eat the second change of dishes, no matter how tasty it is;

      Dishes and glasses should be served from thick shock-resistant glass. The floor must be covered with soft carpet. This will protect children from cuts from shards of broken dishes;

      When cooking dishes and non-alcoholic cocktails, we use only natural ingredients without flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Mayonnaise and other fatty and harmful additives are completely excluded;

      To decorate the dishes we use bright vegetables and fruits (strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers) and hard types of cheeses. The basis of the dish is boiled fish fillets and meat;

      We pay much attention to desserts and sweets. Our chefs make real culinary masterpieces out of chocolate, marshmallow, dried fruit, jellies and mousses.

Want to make your kid an unforgettable event? Then our service is for you. We will organize the birthday of your child not just unusual, but also bright, interesting and creative.

We will not only prepare the event space, but also take care of meals and drinks for children. Moreover, they will be absolutely safe for health, but at the same time all the food will be tasty and interestingly decorated.

Organization of events for children is associated with several important aspects: taste, safety, and visual effects. The children’s menu consists exclusively of natural and environmentally friendly products without the addition of dyes and preservatives. We also make sure that allergenic foods are not ingested. Dishes are presented in an unusual format, which is appealing to children. The events are accompanied by entertainment organized by the animation team, master classes, and bright thematic decor. La Famiglia Catering provides catering services that will surprise even children.

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