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Cheese and meat collection

Cheese and meat gastronomy tasting can be organized as an independent event and as part of another larger event as well.

In particular, you can offer delicious cheeses and meats to participants of various business events – conferences, trainings, presentations and exhibitions. Tasting can be viewed as a spectacular completion of a business event or as a means of attracting visitors to your booth.

Cheese tasting rules

Cheese tasting is best done in a relaxed atmosphere. Only in it you can appreciate the interesting smells and taste of a particular brand of cheese.

Cheese tasting is as follows:

    1. Evaluation of appearance.

You should carefully examine the cheese, evaluate its texture and color. Cheese piece is cut so that you can evaluate the crust and the internal structure.

    2. Evaluation of cheese by touch.

To crumple the cheese piece is not necessary. It is enough just to knock on it or press on its crust. This will determine its consistency. You should also check how freely a knife or cutting string passes through it.

As a result of this assessment, the cheese brand is determined for brittleness, fleshiness, elasticity and creaminess.

    3. Evaluation of cheese on the smell.

For a qualitative assessment of the smell, the curd should be brought directly to the nose. This is best done with a fork. Indeed, even the smallest smell of soap and perfume can distort the aromatic range of the brand of cheese.

    4. Evaluation of cheese to taste.

To assess the taste range, you need to try a small, very thinly ​​slice. Put it on the tip of the tongue and roll across the mouth. Evaluation of taste is performed in 3 stages:


      Bouquet development;


Cheese is evaluated by the following parameters:

      Cheese dries or knits;

      How hard the cheese mass envelops the mouth;

      Whether the taste is homogeneous, or there are extraneous blotches in it;

      How much taste is oily (rich);

      Mouth cheese or sticky fluid;

      Light or heavy;

      How much it crumbles.

If the event format allows, cheese tasting can be combined with wine tasting.

Rules for tasting meat snacks

Tasting meat snacks and sausages will not require such a thoughtful and focused assessment of taste, as required by tasting cheeses.

Therefore, the tasting stand can be placed even at a large exhibition or in a noisy shopping center. Since such a tasting will not carry any advertising load, you can safely carry out this event as part of your advertising and marketing campaign.

We will provide the tasting with all necessary from our side:

      Meat snacks and sausages. It will not be a mass product from supermarket. Each sample is made by hand by professional chefs according to original recipes;

      Mobile station where snacks and sausages will be exhibited for tasting;

      Plates, cutlery, napkins and other trifles.

Tasting will be conducted by a qualified specialist, if necessary. He will tell in detail about the recipe for preparing one or another snack, its ingredients – meat varieties, additives and spices.

In the process of tasting, our specialist will tell you which taste points you should pay attention to first.

Cheese and meat tastings can be organized as part of other entertainment programs – parties, buffets and even banquets.

Organization of tastings of cheeses and meat snacks as an independent event and as an addition to the main event – buffets, business meetings, presentations, exhibitions, etc.

We will provide everything necessary for organizing tastings, including the items of the tasting itself – elite varieties of cheese, as well as meats and sausages prepared according to original recipes.

Over one hundred types of cheese – aged and young, hard and soft, with noble mould and without it—are waiting for you at the cheese stations offered by La Famiglia Catering. Cheese sommeliers will help you uncover the special features of each type of cheese and will tell its story. We recommend combining each unique product with special jams, honey, and sweet mustard whose recipes have been collected by us from all over the world. Tasting of meat delicacies involves the most extensive selection of Italian gastronomy to suit all tastes.

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