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Healthy Catering

Organization of events for vegetarians and supporters of healthy food. We will not only organize a first-class serving, but also offer a number of ready-made menus or prepare dishes according to your wishes and requirements.

We are also ready to offer guests special dishes, the ingredients of which fully satisfy their special needs.

Ready Solutions for Healthy Catering

We are ready to offer a number of ready-made solutions for conducting outdoor events:

    1. Detox menu.

This proposal will be interesting not only for adherents of a healthy lifestyle, but also for “victims” of large and large-scale celebrations – banquets, corporate events, etc.

We offer a trip to nature – the river bank or the edge of the forest, where a buffet or self-served buffet with light, not necessarily vegetarian snacks will be organized.

The purpose of such an event is to get rid of all the toxins that have accumulated in the body in process of excessive consumption of food and alcoholic beverages, the restoration of general tone and unity with nature.

As a result of this event, the head of the company will easily restore the working capacity of his team after major holidays.

    2. Gluten free.

Special menu, where gluten is completely absent. A must for people who have celiac disease. Because of this multifactorial disease, the patient is not able to digest gluten and proteins close to it, contained in the cereals of wheat, rye and barley.

We have developed a special Gluten free diet. We will include dishes from this diet in the menu of various events – banquets, buffets, business dinners, etc.

    3. Sugar free.

Special menu without any sugar in it. We have options for diabetics and for women on special weight loss diets. A wide range of first and second courses, snacks and soft drinks, which are suitable for most of the formats of celebrations, corporate events and outdoor events.

Diet food

There will be a big celebration, and among your guests there are people who sit on special diets?  It does not matter, we will prepare special dishes for them.

And do not worry that these special dishes will be the wrong guest. We are very careful about the organization of any event.

The managers and waiters will be required to indicate which guests need to put specially prepared dishes on the table. At each place will be placed typographically printed plate with the name and surname of the guest. This will be an additional guarantee that the guest himself will not confuse his place.

    1. Diets for weight loss.

We will prepare for your guests special dishes for weight loss. It is better if your guests will inform about their needs in advance. It is enough just to tell which guest a particular diet is following. Our specialists will develop hot dishes and cold snacks for them.

    2. Diets for gaining muscle mass.

Nowadays many men and women willingly visit the gym, including for gaining muscle mass. We will prepare special dishes for them also.

Since so many diets for gaining muscle mass are set on specific days, we will be very grateful if these guests warn in advance what day of the diet they will have at the time of the event.

    3. Soft drinks.

In addition to the main dishes and snacks, we will prepare a huge amount of soft drinks and cocktails based on fresh fruit. Such soft drinks and cocktails will be to the taste and children that will be present at the festival.

Healthy Catering – special diets and ready-made solutions for outdoor activities for people who adhere to the principles of healthy food. We will also prepare special dishes for guests of your event, who have special requirements for food for health reasons, or they are on diets for weight loss.

We will take into account all their requirements and wishes, and offer them very tasty and ingeniously served dishes.

For those who care about their appearances, health or prefer certain products, we have developed a line of healthy catering. We prepare meals from detox-, vegan- and gluten-free menus, sugar-free desserts, snacks from fresh vegetables and sophisticatedly presented fruits. The experience of a large chain of restaurants helps us again to remind that healthy food is tasty and very aesthetic.

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