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Stylish floristics

Any event requires appropriate clearance. And fresh flowers are universal means of decorating the premises and open areas. Bouquets of them will be equally relevant and at a luxury wedding banquet, and on a strict business reception. Nuances only in the style of created flower bouquets.

Floristics for weddings, banquets and parties

There are a number of traditional solutions for decorating tables and rooms in general:

    1. Bouquets for tables.

When creating them you should follow a few simple rules:

      Bouquets should not be too large and voluminous. Otherwise they will prevent guests from communicating at the table;

      Flowers should not have a sharp or offensive odor. This can cause discomfort or even headaches;

      The color palette should be chosen either neutral or in tune to the main colors of the celebration.

Although there are exceptions. For example, it is permissible to use bright flowers to create bouquets. But they must have tall legs, and the bouquets themselves must be placed in tall and narrow vases. In this case flower buds will be above the level of vision, and the thin leg of the vase will not interfere with the visual contact between guests while they are communicating at the table.

    2. Hall interior decoration.

There is a huge scope for a variety of design delights. In particular, we can offer as decorative elements of the hall decoration:

      Floral walls are an excellent option for decorating photo zones both indoors and outdoors;

      Flower arches;

      Decorating with flowers ceiling chandeliers and wall sconces;

      Massive outdoor vases, which can decorate the entrance to the room or the perimeter and the site walkways in the open air;

      Vintage cages, where magnificent bouquets are placed inside.

    3. Designer bouquets for the bride and birthday.

For the bridal bouquet we use freshly cut flowers:







If necessary, we use other flowers, especially if the bride needs a bouquet not of white or cream, but of a different shade.

Additionally, bouquets can be decorated with pearls, ribbons and other decorations.

Bouquets for anniversaries are made not compact, as for the bride, but on the contrary, very lush. To create them we use:

      Roses – white, pink and red;




      Gerbera different colors;


      Tulips – pink, red, yellow.

We also use other flowers to compose gift bouquets. Their choice will be determined by the season of the year, the budget allocated and, of course, your personal wishes.

As an additional decoration, we use decorative greenery, floristic mesh and other elements.

Decoration of official and business meetings

It does not require pomp or pretentious design solutions, but the format of these events will require a careful approach to the style of floral bouquets.

We are ready to offer you a range of standard solutions or make floristics according to your requirements and wishes. For example, bouquets made in your corporate shades or company shades of your business partners.

Decoration of business events

Exhibitions, presentations, business conferences should be decorated with fresh flowers also.  Modest, small, but stylishly designed bouquets and baskets will be an additional help for creating a lively and favorable atmosphere of communication.

When creating floristic solutions, we are repelled by the format of the meeting and the personal wishes of the client. But at the same time we guarantee that our floristics is always a stylish, bright and original solution!

Floristic solutions for various formats of events – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, business meetings, presentations and exhibitions.

We offer you the creation of original floristic design solutions made from fresh flowers with decorative greenery, floristic mesh and pearls.

For us, the integrity of the concept of your event is very important. That’s why we focus not only on food and service, but also on details: additional decor elements, flower arrangements, dishes, tablecloths, salad plates, napkin holders, etc. Flowers are our special weakness. That is why we complement every event with exquisite and stylish floral compositions.

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