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Wedding catering services

What is wedding catering? This is, above all, the opportunity to organize a gorgeous wedding literally anywhere – on the English lawn or on the river, in a country cottage or boarding house.

Wedding catering in our performance is a real art in laying tables for the newlyweds and guests, in serving ready meals, snacks and alcoholic beverages.

Unusual ways to design a wedding feast

If you decide to spend the second day of the wedding in the countryside, in the fresh air, it means that you will definitely need our services.

What design of a festive platform are we ready to offer you?

   1. Self-served buffet. The simplest form of holiday organization. A common table with snacks and drinks is organized, from which guests take as much as they need.

   2. Buffet. The organization is exactly the same as a previous one. Only guests will be served by the waiter.

   3. Cocktail party. There are no traditional tables. But the guests move a lot, communicate, dance and have fun. And to maintain the fun of the waiters are constantly refreshing guests’ drinks, alcoholic cocktails and snacks. For a more substantial snack, snack stations are organized, where meat and fish snacks, as well as hot dishes are located.

   4. Salad bar. Good catering format after a large-scale wedding banquet. Its distinctive feature is a huge selection of light, tasty and low-calorie snacks. Cheese, fruit desserts and ice cream will look appropriate here.

   5. Picnic. A great option for going to the forest, on the river bank or the sea. In this case, we will pack all the snacks and alcohol originally in capacious baskets. If necessary, we also organize a picnic space – awnings and tents, blankets, place for barbecues, etc.

Additional wedding catering services

In addition to the original design of the territory of the celebration, we offer you a few additional services:

   1. The development of the thematic menu and alcohol map. You choose the theme of the celebration yourself, we select dishes, snacks and alcoholic beverages for it.

   2. Delivery of products to the venue of the celebration. If necessary, we organize directly the festive territory of the hot dishes and snacks preparation point.

   3. Table setting and table decoration. We will deliver everything you need – plates, glasses for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cutlery, tables, chairs, tablecloths, napkins, natural flower bouquets, balloons, lighting equipment, musical equipment, etc. Note that the table setting will determine the style and location holiday.

   4. Service staff. Waiters, bartenders, cooks – without them it is impossible to organize an on-site wedding catering.

   5. Development of the program of the festive event. Even if you are just going to drink and eat, you should still fix the order in which you serve drinks and snacks. But if you want a little more, then you will need a set program, which will also include entertainment events. We will also help you with this, as well as with the conclusion of contracts with musicians, DJs, artists, etc. We will not only deliver these specialists to the venue of the celebration, but also bring necessary equipment for their work.

   6. Territory cleaning and garbage collection. Even after small picnic, a lot of trash remains. After celebration has been finished we will completely remove the entire territory from debris and leftover food. If necessary, we will even deliver the guests of your party home or to the hotel.

Wedding catering – serving weddings in open spaces and in unprepared rooms. We offer an integrated approach to the creation and arrangement of celebrations. We offer not only the laying of tables, but also the design of the adjacent territory, the delivery of products and service personnel.

La Famiglia Catering will help transform your most important day. We can organize wedding catering of any format: from buffets to premium banquets. Individual approach, menu development, restaurant-level service, decoration, exquisite presentation, floral arrangements, porcelain, glass, furniture are just some of our advantages. We treat every detail at wedding events with special trepidation and we will become an important addition to your favourite celebration.

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