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Wine tastings organized by professional sommeliers

Wine tastings are a fashionable and respectable format for corporate and business events. They can be organized both for employees and for partners of their company.

In the process of tasting, professional sommeliers acquaint participants with wines, their characteristic taste and aroma, rules of use, as well as with hot and cold appetizers most suitable for wine brands.

In addition, tasting is also an informal communication between the participants with each other, which improves the atmosphere within the team and strengthens ties with partners of your company.

Wine tasting organization

These activities do not require large spaces, and therefore can easily be carried out directly in your office.

When organizing an outing wine tasting, we provide:

      Stylishly decorated stations where wine bottles and snacks for them will be placed;

      Means of cooling wine brands to the required temperature (for light dry wines – 10-12 degrees, white – 14, red and fortified wines – 16-18, for dessert and liqueur – 18-20 degrees);

      Wine glasses;

      Plates and cutlery for snacks.

The number of glasses, plates and cutlery will be provided in a slightly higher amount than the number of participants in the tasting. It is impossible to guarantee that no one will break a glass or a plate, or drop the fork on the floor. For such cases replacement is useful.

Wine Tasting Rules

Wine tastings are held according to certain rules:

    1. Visual assessment of the wine.

Sommelier invites participants to evaluate:

      the color of the wine brand. It can be used to determine how young the proposed wine is;

      transparency – the ability of wine to transmit light. This method allows you to detect suspended particles. For many brands it is a sign of poorly prepared wine material;

      Glitter ability – the ability of a wine brand to reflect light from its surface;

      Fluidity or viscosity of wine. To determine the fluidity should twist the wine in the glass.  The more “legs” formed on the walls of the glass, the greater the viscosity, which means that the oiliness of the wine brand is greater.

    2. Evaluation of wine on the smell.

It is carried out in 2 stages – in the “first” and in the “second nose”. At the first stage, the aromas of light volatile aromatic substances are evaluated, which filled the glass immediately after the wine was poured into it.

At the second stage, the flavors that filled the glass after rotating latter are evaluated.

    3. Evaluation of wine to taste.

Evaluation of the wine brand is made by 4 parameters:





In the process of tasting, the sommelier will tell you how to properly taste each parameter to include the necessary receptors on the palate, gums and cheeks.

Next comes the tasting of the wine brand. As a result of the correct tasting, it becomes clear how the various taste parameters interact with each other, creating a unique taste range.

    4. Evaluation of additional sensations.

Further, the sommelier offers tasting participants to evaluate the additional sensations from a particular wine brand:

      Tactile – allow you to evaluate the texture of wine. This is a complex concept that includes fluidity, roundness and oiliness. The texture of the wine can be estimated on the amount of tannins in the wine brand – tannins, giving the wine tartness;

      Thermal – alcohol leaves a feeling of warmth in the mouth after spitting out wine;

      Chemical – high content of organic acids in the wine material causes irritation of the mucous tissues of the mouth.

Wine tasting is a fashionable and respectable event, which you can organize right in the office of your company with our help. We will provide everything necessary for such events, starting from collection wine labels and corresponding snacks to them, and ending with wine glasses, plates and cutlery.

The real masters of their craft, sommeliers with many years of experience will help you organize an unforgettable event. A tasting can become a major part of any event or an effective addition to it. We will bring all the necessary equipment and utensils, dozens of kinds of white, red, pink, and sparkling wines with allowance for your preferences. The tasting sets will also include small snacks selected by sommeliers, which will help to reveal the subtle notes of the drink.

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