Custom Cocktail Party - Onsite Service


Catering cocktail perfectly characterizes the word lightness, it is evident in the menu - mini-snacks, finger-food, desserts and drinks - cocktails, sparkling, juices.
By purpose and type of design distinguish: business and social cocktail.
The cocktail party for official events involves strict timing, a restrained dress code, time limits.
The secular cocktail has a freer format, casserole style and a variety of locations.
During the warm season, cocktail parties are held outdoors, terraces and poolside.
Cocktail events are characterized by a relaxed atmosphere of casual communication, an opportunity to make new acquaintances in the business sphere. Event organizers complement the mood with music or ask for help from animators so guests can relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and interesting dialogues.
Catering companies offer interactive gastronomic shows, tastings or food stations with unusual fare or themed snacks.
The versatility of the cocktail format also lies in the fact that it is suitable for different types of events - PR and educational events, field ceremonies and presentations, parties and business meetings.
The design of cocktail events is also quite concise - cocktail tables, special tableware, bar counter for cocktails and drinks.
Catering companies, when requested to organize and host cocktail receptions, can tailor the menu to the event's style or event theme.
Nevertheless, even such a minimalistic and easy format requires training, professionalism and a high level of organization.
Before choosing a catering company, we recommend that you seek advice from colleagues and friends, get acquainted with information about the best catering companies in Kiev and Ukraine, review portfolios and references of similar events, all this will help you to formulate the request as accurately as possible and get the most out of cooperation.
Catering services are service, taste and hospitality multiplied by experience and reputation.
The La Famiglia Catering team knows all about the spectacular and delicious holidays, the stylish events and the comfort of each guest.
At your service:
• The author's menu for 3,000 items of dishes and snacks from the brand chef
• ready ideas and concepts
• implementation of field visits at all locations
• own production and technical base
• only fresh produce
• interactive, gastronomic stations
• Rental of furniture, equipment, refined tableware and textiles
• staff of the best waiters in Kiev
• holding closed events
• respect for confidentiality
• attention to the ideas and wishes of the customer
• events for 2 to 3,000 guests
• the desire to surprise and give holidays!
Let the occasion for beautiful events appear more often, and the happy guests become more!
You are always welcome!